Coastal dunes management strategies and practices

Vient de paraitre : Les actes de la conférence internationale de Merlimont (17-19 juin 2014)




  This issue of Dynamiques Environ

This issue of Dynamiques Environnementales presents a selection of papers which were presented during the 2014 International Conference organized by EUCC-France/ le Réseau Européen des Littoraux and the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) in Merlimont (Pas-de-Calais).

 The first day symposium was devoted to the management of coastal dunes in Europe and was completed the day after by a field workshop in the dunes of Merlimont and Berck.

 Remarkably illustrated by numerous large-scale colored pictures, this issue gives up-to-date information on several topics which were discussed during the conference:

 what do we know on the geo- and bio-diversity of coastal dunes and what are the best strategies to conserve it?

 Is it useful to keep open some dunes to re-establish a dynamic landscape?

 What are the different ways to limit the natural expansion of sea buckthorn and is it wise to do that?

 What is the role of dunes in the coastal system and the defence against marine erosion and submersion?

 The selected papers give some answers and raise questions having different answers in the south and north of Europe. Four papers describe some characteristics of the remarkable out-of-bounds dune-field of Merlimont which is managed by the Office National des Forêts.

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